Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A project with a difference

Last week mini Edamay's class teacher Mrs Phillips asked if I would be able to sew together 25 fabric rectangles that the children in Eagle class (aged between 6-9 years) had created. The aim was to form a wall hanging. I of course agreed as projects such as this are my favourite!

The children in Eagle class had each created a piece of bold coloured fabric. They made the designs by  blocking out sections of the fabric with a flour & water mixture whilst painting the rest in bright pink & blue. This explains why the mini Edamay had blue fingers for the best part of last week!

So last Sunday afternoon (with mini Edamay as my helper) we sat in the garden and stitched the 25 fabric rectangles together. We did this in a random order apart from her fabric being sewn next to her 'best friend's'.  I loved looking at each piece of fabric with each piece being as striking & unique as the next.
So after sewing 5 rows of 5 rectangles a beautiful patchwork wall hanging had been created.  I delivered it to school yesterday afternoon to a buzz of excitement. It really is a beautiful creation that the children are rightly proud of. All the children have ownership of the wall hanging with their individual efforts combined to form a beautiful artwork. Well done Eagle Class & well done Mrs Phillips!

 Profile views above. 
Front view below

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