Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hobby Horses & The Nunney International Horse Trials

This afternoon brought a visit to the International Horse Trials event at Nunney, Somerset. We had driven past a banner advertising the event for the past couple of weeks with many a request from the 'horse mad' mini Edamays to attend.  It turned out to be a great way to spend the afternoon watching the exciting cross country & show jumping events.

The hobby horses made for the mini Edamay's 2nd birthday came along too.  They were ridden through the mud, across the fields and enjoyed watching the impressive jumps by real horses!

It is the best feeling to have made a gift for them that they get so much pleasure out of, so much in fact that there are now 'horse jumps' set up permanently in the garden & the mini Edamays each have a stable for their horses in their bedrooms. I'm just glad that at the moment they are content with the hobby horses and haven't graduated to wanting the real thing!

 Mini Edamay with her hobby horse 'Lily-May' watching the cross country event!

"Hey wait for us - we are riding the course too"
Impressive jumps by the talented riders

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